I met Mr. Jack Ma from Alibaba!

On April 25, I went to the “Alibaba Group Mr. Jack Ma Special Conversation”! My dream is to be an entrepreneur, and make the world a better place through IT. Because Mr. Jack Ma is a great person that changed World Commerce completely through Alibaba, and also because I started to learn English when I was little the same way Mr. Jack Ma did, by going to parks to communicate with travelers, I decided to go to this event.

The seat was decided using a lottery. Even though my seat was really far back, I have already decided that I will definitely ask a question. So I shouted, “I have a question!” And I got a very valuable chance of asking a question! My question was, how will IT change education and what will Alibaba do to change education through IT. And Mr. Jack Ma said: “IT will take away old jobs, and it will also create new jobs. But the current educational system cannot keep up with these new jobs. So education has to be more creative.” One of my dream is to make an school that helps children around the world to happily learn what they want to learn, so I was very moved!


I shouted “I have a question!”


I asked Mr. Jack Ma a question