My Software

Released On: July 2018
JetML is a powerful & extensive machine learning library focused on
readability and completeness. It’s written only in Python.

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JetMath NEW
Released On: July 2018
JetMath is an extensive math library focused on machine learning.

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Released On: January 2018
URLChecker helps you identify Phishing and Scam Websites. Just with some simple
Copy & Paste, you can get information on any URL that you think is suspicious.

Due to EU’s GDPR regulation, this software is no longer up for downloads

Tabby NEW
Released On: April 2018
Tabby is a Window and Tab Manager that helps you easily manage a lot of windows
and tabs.
It can help you open, close, move, pin, and do many other things on tabs and windows quickly.

Electric Field Simulator NEW
Released On: June 2019
Electric Field Simulator allows you to simulate (and visualize) the electric
field of multiple charges.

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Rocket Go!
Released On: September 2017
In this game, you will be driving in the Space Park. Its super fun to drive, but
you have to be careful of the trees. (How To Play: Press “J” to go up)


Released On: April 2017
A simple and easy-to-use search engine. It also has a bot that crawls the
internet for new websites.

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Released On: October 2016
A tool for calculating Root and Exponentiation in math. It uses an algorithm that
I found for doing root and is very useful in math and science and other studies.


Color Crash
Released On: September 2016
In this game, you will be moving color blocks. If 3 color blocks line up (either
vertically or horizontally), you will get 3 points. If you are lucky, you will get way more points than just


Released On: April 2017
ExpoT is a web exponentiation calculator. Try putting different numbers in it,
it’s super fun to see how fast numbers will grow when doing exponential calculations.

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Released On: February 2018
PyProg is an Open-Source library for creating progress indicators (e.g. progress
bars). It helps you create customizable progress indicators. This library is for Python. It is compatible
with both Python 3 and Python 2. It can auto calculate the percentage of completion, show progress text in
the middle of the progress bar, and much more. Try it out!

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Bolt Video Player
Released On: February 2018
Bolt is a powerful video player plugin for WordPress. It can show any mp4 video
and is very easy to use. See the README.txt file inside the download for more info on how to use it.